Welcome to the academy of ancient wisdom. 

By joining our tribe you will be going on a deeply personal journey down the rabbit hole of self development and spirituality. 
We explore many subjects that will bend your mind, open your heart and leave you feeling empowered to change. Our aim? To leave you feeling deeply connected to the world around you and inspired to create deep change from the inside out.
This journey is not for the faint hearted, it requires you to show up for yourself in ways you may have avoided before. 
Some of the subjects we explore include Energy, Sound Healing, Sacred Geometry, Quantum Physics, Time Travel, Ancient Wisdom, Alternative History and Natural Medicine. 
For just £15 a month our membership offers exclusive access to what we call
The S.E.L.F. Method.

The S.E.L.F Method


The history, power and potential of music at work. The science of sound, energy and vibration. Manifestation and the Laws of the Universe. 


Living an authentic, empowered and emotionally fulfilling life. Handling awkward conversations and communicating at work. 


Nutrition, meditation and sleep hacking. Neuroscience and looking after your body, mind and soul. Mental Health First Aid Training.


Managing finances, legal rights and online profiles. Life hacks on sobriety, social media, addictions and more.


You’ll also get access to our constantly growing bank of meditations, great music

and cool discounts.

Learn at your own pace; no pressure, no nagging. Just going with the flow.

We hope to be with you for a lifetime, but we won’t take it personally if you decide you don't want to be. But we know you won't want to.

Life is a journey: let's go together.


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