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Founder and Presenter

How would you describe what you do at I Am Sound? 

I research, connect dots and network as I travel around the world. I spend most of my time day-dreaming of how I want to see the future of humanity and want to bring my visions to life so brought on a team to support my ideas of a better world.


3-5 words that describe your vibe:

Be Here Now


Star sign: I have 7 aspects of my chart all in Gemini. I was born to TALK. 


Musical Inclinations: I was born in an area called The Sound in Plymouth, so you could say i’m on my true path. However for the ease of this question I’m going to say RAVING. 


Favourite mythical creature: Can I say Carebears?


Course Content Producer

What do you do at I Am Sound?

Currently getting lost down the rabbit hole of sound, cymatics and sacred geometry while copywriting I AM Sounds courses. Loving it. Might not resurface.


3-5 words the describe your vibe

Nourished by music, nature and long walks.



Sun and moon in Cancer, rising Capricorn


Musical inclinations

Currently lots of Ali Farka Toure, Thelonious Monk and Bach’s Sheep May Safely Graze.


Mythical creature

Puff the magic dragon? Clutching at straws here!



How would you describe what you do at I Am Sound?


Producer of audio/video. Website builder and UX. Decision Persuader. Music Lover and DJ


3-5 words that describe your vibe: Productive, Creative, Forward-Thinker type chilled vibes.


Starsign: Aries


Musical Inclinations: Hip hop, Funk, Soul, Bass, Electronic, House, Grooving from 80-140bpm.


Favourite mythical creature: Micro Hippopotamus 


Producer and Presenter

How would you describe what you do at I AM Sound? 

A little bit of everything; a bit like the Robin to Nat’s Batman. I also take care of the radio station back-end, keeping our content up to date and sniffing around for new talent to feature.


3-5 words to describe your vibe:

Trying my best.



Aries Sun, Pisces Moon, Aquarius Rising.


Musical Inclinations: 

R’n’b and hip-hop from South Korea specifically. It’s not all k-pop you know, though that’s good too.


Favourite Mythical Creature: 

The jackalope: cute AND dangerous, now that’s a vibe.


Audio Producer

How would you describe what you do at I AM Sound?

I make the sounds you hear and put together the vibe you’re after.


3-5 words that describe your vibe:

Up, up and away.



Libra all day every day.


Musical Inclinations: 

Like my name suggests, I am a ‘Jack of all trades’ but I love music scenes,, and the stories of where they come from.


Favourite mythical creature:

I love the Selkie; it’s a bit like the Scottish version of the little mermaid.


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