I AM SOUND is the new home for alternative artists. 

We're looking for content creators who align us and feel excited for a new world that we are here to create.


We're looking for people who:

  • Love their spiritual path as much as they love music. 
  • Are interested in growing themselves just as much as their audience. 
  • Are willing to go on a deep journey into the ancient history of sound healing.
  • Are willing to be the change you wish to see in the world and lead by example.
  • Are willing to do live shows and/or pre-recorded content just for I AM SOUND (don't worry, it's an open relationship, you don't need to be exclusive to us). 


We can help you:

  • Grow your own connected merch range.
  • Promote your own website, events and other platforms to our members
  • Take donations from your listeners when you live on our radio station. 


What we have:

  • A 24/7 TV platform streaming both pre-recorded and live content.
  • Channels launching on Roku, Apple TV & Amazon Firestick.
  • Affordable merch partnerships that our artists can use.
  • A solid way to build your own connected audience so you can sack off the social media giants.


As a brand we do not focus on identity politics in any way, so we don't mind:

  • Whom you vote for
  • What your religious views are
  • What gender you identify as 
  • What skin colour you were graced with  
  • What conspiracies you believe in



If this sounds like a bit of you, send a short show brief and demo to: [email protected]


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