Elaine Thompson

Vibrational Sound Therapist

About Elaine

Having trained some  26 years ago in America, Elaine is thought of as one of Europe’s most qualified Sound Therapy practitioners and teachers. She has previously been involved in practice and training in the UK, USA and Europe while working alongside allopathic doctors at a clinic over a period of several years to apply sound therapy to clients with serious illnesses.

In the 1990s, she was invited to work and research at the Central Clinic in Bad Sulza, Germany, after demonstrating to the resident doctors the unique power of specific low vibrational frequencies to dramatically improve physical and mental health. She has also taken part in a dolphin research project in Tenerife, collating information on how the sounds of dolphins affect seriously disabled children. Her dolphin research also extends to Hawaii where she reasearched the benefits of exposure to the sounds of the wild Spinner dolphins to those with lived experience of extreme mental, sexual and physical abuse in collaboration with the Joyful Heart Foundation USA. 

Elaine has been featured on RTL television in Europe and Sky TV in UK. In addition, her work has been featured in many publications including Kindred Spirit, Seven Magazine, The Times, Cygnus Review, and the book “Music, Magic and Medicine” by Lutz Berger.

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