Your Covid-19 Options

A message from Nat Rich, founder of I AM SOUND Academy.

The time has come to take some steps to protect yourself.

This is not because we are all going to die or because the world will end - it's because we're about to spend a lot more time with ourselves than ever before; all day with nowhere near as many distractions as we might like.

You have three options to choose from in such times:

  1. You can panic and subscribe only to the fear of the situation; sharing the bad news and doing the Grim Reaper's work for free as you go. This option brings your body into unrest and heightens stress (as if we needed any more of that!).
  2. You can ignore the warnings, pretend it's all hype and laugh at those who actually give a shit, while you keep quoting that 'ignorance is bliss' and 'it's nothing more than a flu' and that 'statistics tell you blah blah blah...'
  3. You can acknowledge that the problem exists, buy your essential items in a state of peace, knowing you are prepared.

    You can calmly decide how to make the most of a lockdown. 

Here at I AM SOUND we're going for the third option.

I was prepared ahead of time, I sent out group WhatsApp to those I care about with a survival kit (which is listed below) and I started reducing my travel two weeks ago and made sure my staff were able to work from home too.

With this extra time on my hands I decided to pivot my new company to have more of an online focus and put a plan into action.


More details can be found below:

You will need at least one months food supply but if you can get 3 months, you should be safe for sometime.

If you like to cook then now is your time and if Tupperware gets you excited you will LOVE this because food prepping meals for the freezer will be the best and most efficient way to stockpile in the event of a wide scale lock down.

Just chuck out the frozen crap and make yourself something healthy to survive on!

Remember when buying your items, it's best to go local shopping and help those local stores. Amazon is good but don't they have enough money already? Try and think of your homies and help those locally to thrive in the madness. 


  • Tooth paste x3
  • Mouthwash x3
  • Razors for those silky legs x10 
  • Large Body Wash x2
  • Large Shampoo & Conditioner x2
  • Toilet Roll 24 pack x3
  • Face wash / Moisturisers x 3
  • Tampax/moon cups/pads x 3 
  • Tweezers / Nail Clippers (you still need to groom!)
  • Olive Oil x3


  • Salt / Pepper / Chilli x3
  • All Chai Tea Herbs (amazing drink and keeps you healthy) 
  • Coffee
  • Honey x3 
  • Tea bags large packs x3 
  • Washing tablets x3
  • Box x250 Plastic gloves x1
  • Detol Disinfectant x5
  • Antibacterial Wipes x20
  • Antibacterial soap x10
  • Large bin bags x10
  • Washing up liquid x3
  • Baby wipes, products, food and children medicine.

Make as many frozen meals with your 5 a day veg as you can stock up on. Try and keep healthy and buy vitamins with extra magnesium and vitamin D and lots of nuts (as long as you're not allergic to them of course!).

Top up the cupboards with tinned & jarred foods / pasta / rice / sauces / oats and none fridge nut milks.
Dried packet foods / Biscuits / Crisps / Nutritional bars and chocolates - because lets be honest, you'll need something to smile about!

In case it gets worse and longer than expected you'll also need the following:

Emergency stuff

  • N95 Masks
    They are similar to masks for painting (not surgical ones). Buy as good as you can afford.
  • Distilled Water 20 ltrs x5

Don't Forget

  • Water purification tablets 
  • Flash Light 
  • Bulbs for the home
  • Warm Blankets + emergency foil one's for warmth
  • Life straws x2
  • Pain killers x3
  • First aid kit x2
  • Candles (all sizes), as many as you can get
  • Matches x20
  • Small camping stove
  • Gas for stove (x20 cans)
  • Portable bowl / spoon / cup
  • Small torch
  • Pen Knife
  • Scissors / Black Tape
  • Emergency radio
  • Extra phone charger
  • Portable phone charger fully charged
  • Solar powered items where you can
  • Pens / notepad / permanent markers
  • Batteries of all kinds to match all your needs

Remember there will likely be no rubbish collection so calm down on the disposal of things and make sure you only cook what you will eat so the bin does not stink for days...

There's no guarantee of immediate medical help. Make sure you have all prescriptions and medical gear you may need related to each case in the household.

Try and get a plug in landline phone connection prior to any event. Wifi may go down in some cases due to a surge in usage from people being at home all day. Keep and share a list of contact numbers you may need for friends / relatives and useful numbers landlines.

Stock up on Board games, books, colouring in books, puzzles. Good old fashioned non-electrical items for entertainment will have us all nostalgic.

Remember, there's only so much your eyes can take watching screens and Netflix all day.




Should you be travelling?


That's the short answer. 

The Government are providing travel updates regarding the Coronavirus outbreak via their website - you can read the official advice here.

Overall though, any travel you can avoid, whether abroad or within the UK, is best to be avoided.

Think to yourself; "Do I need to travel there? Is there an alternative?"

Here's some ideas for alternative options:

  • Order your food online rather than going to the shops
  • FaceTime / Skype you friends and family instead of travelling to see them (you could also organise a Night In 'Night Out' using the same method - get all your friends to set up a group video call and party apart, together!)
  • Work from home. We know this isn't an option for everyone, but if you can, please do. If your company aren't allowing this at present, be the person who brings them the solution to make this work.
  • Don't use the washing machine too much as you may need to store water for more important things like showering / toilet flushing and so on.
  • In the event water is cut off due to a large scale water contaminations use the distilled water to drink / bottled water to wash. 
  • Don't use baths. Only use quick showers. You will want everyone to be as clean as possible. Buy baby wipes in the event of no water.
  • Locking down with friends and small groups can be fun but make sure you have enough stockpiled for you to all to camp together in harmony.
  • Don't be a dick. Sharing is caring!

    People's true colours come out when under pressure or stressed in small spaces so choose your camping partners wisely 😂
  • If you can help someone homeless, do so. Now is the time to be the best human you can be as your personality will be your only currency in such times. Nobody shares things or helps people who are are horrible. If you wanna do well, BE NICE. It won't cost you a penny!

No one likes to be bored, but from boredom comes creativity.

There will be plenty of things you have put off in life up until to now, claiming you have no time for anything.

Here comes the gift of time for us all and all we can do is panic about it.

Now is the time to organise your whole life to create it as you wanted it to be.

When this is over we will be the most creative people we had always hoped to be. We will know what it’s like to connect with humans again and to live without all the extra material items we thought we needed.

Get yourself back to basics and enjoy this process.

Here’s a list of stuff you can do to re-organise your life as you know it:

Life Admin

  • Organise your bills; create a list of all the dates, amounts and reasons your money goes out each month and from which bank account. If you do this you can see what you need to pay, what you can cancel and what you can put off and what you owe. It’s a great time to reflect on finances. things are getting tight for everyone so you’re not alone. dont be scared to look at your bills. we only fear what don’t understand. at least get your head around them. we will be doing a webinar on this very soon. help is on the way.
  • Reorganise: your bedrooms, your wardrobes, your cupboards and even your garages. What you don't need right now, someone else might.
  • Organise your music library on your laptops.
  • Organise your photos on your phones, shuffle around any collections of anything you have, make it colour coded, pretty or alphabetical.
  • Clear your files on your laptops, clean your computers.
  • Arrange your notes or write that book.
  • Learn via an online course.
  • Pick up a new musical instrument.
  • Read all the books you bought and never opened.
  • Play board games and complete  a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Get that cleaning done (hoovering, dusting and all those other jobs around the house we put off!).
  • D.I.Y. 
  • Start a diary / journal (if you don't already!).
  • Learn some online dance routines.
  • Start to paint.
  • Learn to knit, sew and create.
  • Sing!
  • Speak a new language or study ancient alternative history on or YouTube.

Most of all, learn to meditate. It's the only thing that will help you remain calm and peaceful in these times. we will do webinars in this too.

We all love a lie in and you may not have had one in a while, so if you can grab some extra hours then do! 

However, moving forward, you’re going to want to get up early and face the day. Being sluggish in bed is going to leave your mind in a low state and if you are stuck in the house you need all the help you can get.

Starting the day with a new routine will help change it up mood-wise. The earlier you can get up and start your day the better. Starting your mornings with meditation and calm music will set the mood for the day.

Sitting still with no focus other than to remain calm with no distractions may sound easy, but this isn't always the case; feelings come up that we don’t want to feel, boredom appears and a million ideas, or list of things to do will pop up when you give yourself time.

Take it slow. Sitting still is an art.

Start with just 3 mins each morning to see how you feel. Once you have finished don’t get straight up and on your phone, start to move slowly and walk slowly.

There is no reason to rush anywhere now.

The chances are you have have been rolling your eyes at panic buyers of loo roll and hand gel while slagging off both Boris Johnson and Donald Trump - even though you have never met either of them of have a clue how to do their jobs (let alone with all the external pressure they are currently under).

Your judgement about where the virus came from or how it was maybe manipulated will change hour by hour (depending on who sends which WhatsApp messages). You may have been secretly hating your boss for not sending you home sooner.

All of this stuff comes from a place of judgement and it is a vibration of energy that will keep you low, moody and stuck feeling like a victim.

This (typically English) moaning mentality has taken more victims than the virus and grows stronger by the day.

You have a simple choice to make; do you moan with the many or step out of this mindset and change your thinking to something more loving and calming for yourself and those around you?

Does the world really need any more gossip or bad news to be spread?

We dare you to take the path of the superhero - put your cape on and save those around you from the global pandemic of negative talk.



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