Why the name I AM SOUND?

i am sound founder nat rich Sep 30, 2019

Well, like those from Liverpool know well, when you say the famous words “I’m sound" it generally means that you are happy with life and in a good place. But that’s not why I called the business I AM SOUND

The reason for the word sound is because over the last 10 years the word has changed its meaning to me entirely. Along my path of trying to understand more about life and the world we live in I kept bumping into the word sound. It cropped up in the topics of science, medicine, mathematics, biology, physics, architecture, ancient history, space travel, sacred geometry, manifestations, universal laws, meditation and too many other areas to mention and all of which we will cover in the educational side of our membership

When the abundance of the word 'sound' dawned on me I wanted to research the significance of how both sound and silence affected me personally. 


The words 'I AM' also have a significance for me. But first, it's important to state here that despite attending Sunday school (for the free biscuits) and singing soprano solos in the church choir, I am not in any way religious. But due to the blatant signs from 'above' that I have received when I needed it most, I am inclined to believe that there is indeed something magical working within our universe and that if believed in, can work wonders in our lives.

I have faith in the things we can't see or understand and if I feel a story just like the one that follows to be true, then I give it the time and respect it deserves. This is how I came to understand the power of the words 'I AM'. 

When you say 'I AM' you are affirming something within the present moment, the here and the now.

Being present as often as I can be is my purpose in life. I discovered the importance of the words 'I AM' whilst listening to Dr Wayne Dyers 'Wishes Fulfilled Meditation,' a meditation that got me through the most difficult part of my life to date. The music was derived from James Twyman's book, The Moses Code. In this book, James reveals that God (Source/Universal Energy) told Moses that by using the words 'I AM, THAT I AM' instead of using the name God would bring about peace on earth. It's believed that by using these words you can manifest that which you desire into your life because you are actually a part of God / Source / Universal Energy.

The basis of this recording is that the tuning forks used within the music have been designed to correspond to the letters of the ancient Hebrew Gematria alphabet spelling out the name I AM, THAT I AM. For each letter, there is a sound, when played together they create this music that I still listen to day after day. 

Even though I don't speak original Hebrew or any Hebrew for that matter and I wasn't there with our friend Moses on the day he met God, I somehow felt the essence of this music and you could say it struck a chord with me, quite literally.

I tried it for myself one day to see if I could find my version of peace on earth, the day was frustrating and what would have made 'peace on earth' for me would have been a parking space near to where I was heading. So with all my faith, I decided to use the words

'I AM 'FINDING A PARKING SPACE', I AM. I just wanted to see if I could actually get one in the present moment. It worked and has done ever since. Try it for yourself.

It also works when I say I AM 'AT PEACE', I AM. I genuinely feel calmer. You can obviously use it for bigger things but you also have to have absolute faith in it too ;-)  

So, therefore, when I say the words 'I AM SOUND, I AM It means that;

I have mastered my own happiness by understanding what I am made of and how I can use it to enhance my life.

My reason for creating this company was so I could teach others how to do the same in their own lives. So if you like what you see and more importantly feel good about I AM SOUND then you are more than welcome to join our tribe. 

Becoming a member of I AM SOUND will help you to clear up your own void as we show you how to take personal responsibility for what shows up in your life in a new and fun way. We also host workshops showing you how you can use meditation and silence as a solid road to finding the 'inner peace' you keep hearing people talk about.

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