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In May 2018 I launched a long-time dream of mine that had been with me since I was a kid. I had managed to pull off my very own early morning radio show. The Ibiza Breakfast Show was the first of its kind in Ibiza. With a great team behind me, I had planned a fantastic line up for the summer schedule which would air live on ‘Cafe Mambo Radio’ each morning. We started at the end of May just after the IMS (Ibiza Music Summit) and I was super happy to be broadcasting live from Pete Tong’s very own Radio desk that lives within the Mambo studios above the world-famous Cafe Mambo and is used for things such as the BBC Radio One weekend we all know and love.

But despite all this, something wasn’t right. I was in pain every day suffering with what I thought was sciatica. Within just a few weeks, I was off-air and found myself laid up unable to move whilst staying in a free room at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel courtesy of my friend Andy, the owner. I was in a bad state and Andy insisted I stayed there for a bit of a break and that I should get an MRI to check my pain. The MRI suggested I had a slipped disc and I was told I would be off the air for a while. I was gutted but then things took a turn for the worse.

The day after my MRI assessment I woke up paralysed and unable to move from the bed, I was rushed to the hospital and told that I needed to go back to the UK to get urgent treatment for my severe pain caused by what they thought was just a slipped disc. When I arrived back to the UK, I visited a recommend back specialist on Harley Street to be told I actually had two herniated discs, two spinal fractures and a twisted pelvis. Until this day I have no idea how that happened to me. There was no recent accident and no memory of what had caused this. At that moment I knew The Ibiza Breakfast Show was off-air for good. My latest dream was over.  

I had lost my show, my radio slot, my new exciting brand and I had let my friends down who were on the project with me. I had to move back to London with no date in the diary of a return to my much loved seaside home in Ibiza. I was in bed for almost 6 months and even had to give up my beloved dog Raymond as I couldn’t walk to the toilet let alone walk a dog. I was gutted but something in me knew that everything happens for a reason, I just didn't know what this one was yet. 

It was as if a weight had been lifted off my chest that I didn’t know was there and the idea of being in London was actually making me smile. As I laid in bed unable to move a new dream was forming. That dream was I AM SOUND.

I had time to think about the direction of my life and what I was actually going to do if I no longer lived in Ibiza. It dawned on me one day that I was here on the earth to be ME. But who was me? I was certainly not the best version of me at that point so I sat in the mirror (as I always do) and had a chat with my higher self about what my next steps should be.

She asked me what I enjoyed in life the most? So I made a list of all the things I loved to learn that you will see included in the line up of what’s to come with I AM SOUND.

My higher self reminded me that other people enjoyed watching my random and unusual life's adventures and also loved to learn all the things I was interested in. The idea was suggested that I needed to build a business around all the things I loved to do and that keeps me happy and entertained. So from that point on, I started visioning a subscription-based company that I could build that included all the stuff I loved to learn and that helped me to grow personally so that others could do the same.

Just over one year on from that time in the mirror we are here today launching I AM SOUND this afternoon to the press. I didn’t know this dream was inside of me, I never thought I could turn my entire list of stuff I love to do and learn into a business and that people would buy into it for their own excitement and growth.

So what does all this mean? Well, it made me realise one major thing which I think you will like too.

When we say we have a dream we tend to add overwhelming pressure to its creation. We can get put off by the size of our greatest vision and this can deter us from ever starting our project and then if we do start it but don’t manage to pull it off we can feel like we have failed and some of us never recover from that.

But what I realised is that I AM SOUND was just an 'idea' not a dream. I was a simple idea I had that I followed and went along with. It was never categorised in my mind as a dream so my approach to it was much more relaxed. The whole flow of events surrounding this company will be explained in a future blog but it's the change in approach that has got me to launching this company with ease and excitement as opposed to fear and expectation.

This is just everything I already do in life so how can it not work when it already is working for me?

Don’t dream big.. just think creatively and let your idea form, create more ideas and then let them form themselves and join together and then follow the ideas that flow the easiest. That is how I AM SOUND was created.

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