Un-F**k Your Life Workshops - I AM SOUND'S Flagship Event.

avoidance founder unf**k your life Jan 24, 2020

As a Personal Responsibility Coach I know a thing or two about avoidance, awkwardness and boundaries - key players in our ability to get sh*t done. We all avoid a lot of things that show up in our life and as a result we spend a lot of time in the void, feeling uncomfortable and shying away from important aspects of our lives. Which in turn prevents us from being productive and feeling happy. The feeling of being overwhelmed is more common than we realise. It's blocking our full potential, damaging our self beliefs and creates real feelings of mental ill-health.

At a time when entrepreneurs and freelancers are becoming more and more the norm, we need more support than ever to enable this more challenging, creative and free way of working to flourish. And what better way to do this than to do it together.

Un-F**k Your Life days are all about confronting the things we put off in a high powered, fun and often awkward group dynamic (but that's okay - the question you need to ask when you feel uncomfortable is, 'what is it that i'm resisting?'). Each day is geared towards a different aspect of life, from sex to sleep, finances to digital admin, relationships to difficult conversations. It's okay to need help. We all need support and insight, collaboration and communication is essential. The things you think that you're the only one struggling with, through these workshops you'll quickly realise, that you are not alone.

Scrap the idea of setting goals, take the pressure off and take note, there's no such thing as procrastination...to find out more check out the interview I did with Rosie Mullender in Marie Claire.

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