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How many times have you wished for a manual that would just tell you how to live, how to be authentic and listen to your gut, how to make the right decisions in your work, in your relationships and in your personal development? It’s probably a lot, right? Any time life gets a little overwhelming, or we take a second to look at the road ahead and see just how many miles are left before we can touch the horizon, I’m sure most of us plead with a guide, whatever form that takes, ask for some sort of sign perhaps. Sometimes we get an answer, but most of the time it’s left up to us.


Now, I’m not claiming that the new I Am Sound Membership is the guide to life, but I mean, it’s pretty close.


The team and I here at I Am Sound have created a Lifetime Membership that is specifically designed to be your companion on your self-improvement journey. For a little more than a Netflix subscription (that’s £15 a month, and this is a lot more fun, trust me), you’re given the keys to the vehicle that’ll take you right to that horizon and beyond it. The Membership is designed to be a guide, a lesson, a safe-space, and most importantly, a friend all in one. It’s all based around an approach to life that I’ve called The S.E.L.F Method. 


S is for Sound. By understanding how sound and vibration works, we can begin to understand how our lives as ‘beings of sound’ work; how our vibrations attract others, how we mould and bend to those around us, how we interact with our obstacles, and most importantly, how we can shift and change our vibrations in order to tackle anything life might throw at us.


E is for Energy. Sound is one form of energy that exists around us, but it is far from the only one. When we learn about the energies both inside and outside of us, we can begin to understand how they have affected us in the past, and how we can use those effects in the future to propel us forwards.


L is for Lifestyle. Once we have a grasp on Sound and Energy, we can then take a look at what changes need to be made to accommodate all that we’ve learned. How do you want to show up to life, to work, to your relationships? What needs to be cut out, what needs to be invited in? This is a big one, but we’ll be with you every step of the way.


F is for Freedom. The knowledge that your life is your own is a powerful thing, and freedom as a concept is actually a little overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be. To be free is to live without fear, manipulation and control. This freedom bleeds naturally into your relationships, not just with others, but with yourself, and with your surroundings. 


I Am Sound is here to take you there. What are you waiting for?

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