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avoidance nat rich notonsocialmedia unf**k your life Jul 15, 2021

When I Am Sound was first born, all I had in my head were the words: 

“Build it and they shall come” 

I knew I didn’t want to use social media and have stayed true to that for the most part. We are now 2 years old and ‘I Am Sound’ still can’t be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Tik Tok. We are on YouTube though, generating some truly amazing content with even more amazing people! 

The reason I chose to avoid social media is this: I wanted to test the strength of my energy. By using word of mouth, and pushing the limits of my own vibrations could I attract and build a global tribe just by the power of good old fashioned networking? 

Could I raise the roof in the real world instead of just online? Just by music and energy alone?

Turns out, I could. And I have. 

I Am Sound has since expanded from the initial Radio platform to also deliver regular content on YouTube that will never be promoted, manipulated with algorithms or given money in order to pay for advertising, and we have recently launched a TV channel on Roku and Amazon Firestick, and soon will be doing the same for Apple TV! 

It’s a really exciting venture, and my team are still working diligently to make it a reality, but the possibility of reaching a larger audience, without bending to the pull of social media, is incredible to me. And I think it sets I Am Sound apart from other entertainment mediums.

The Team alongside me

I always knew I wanted to create a work environment that helped my employees to grow. And I’ve been working really hard on building that alongside my team. They each have Growth Shares in I Am Sound, which, if this venture continues to go well for us, will see them through forever. I want that for them, and for us as a Team. 


We still have a lot of work to do, but I’m strict on my two-day workweek. Protecting my employee’s boundaries is of the utmost importance to me, and I hope that by giving them that respect, they will see this project through right to the end with me.


What else sets us apart?

We don’t make content for content’s sake. Not being on social media means we don’t have to do that; post empty, meaningless stuff just for the sake of consistency, to get your attention. When we have something to say, we say it and we mean it, and that’s the way we’ll always be. Our content will always be honest, open, and aim to help people open both their hearts and minds. That won’t ever change. 

We will continue covering topics you may have never heard of, dive into subjects that will help you to answer some of the world’s most mind bending questions. We aim to resonate with you on a deeper level and help you to find your truth in this crazy world.

When it comes down to it, I only ever wanted to make content that I love and that will set my soul on fire. Life’s too short to bend to the needs of others all the time and our world are full of people trying to please people they have never even met. Looking at you, Instagram.

I knew that if I just stuck to doing what I loved then I would naturally attract those who are immediately aligned to me. Because the highest frequency we possess is truth. Others might disagree with me, or choose not to follow me and that’s ok. I don’t need to be loved by everyone. I’ve learned my biggest lessons from people who don’t like me terribly much! 

There are some seriously exciting times ahead for I Am Sound, so watch this space!

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