Why are we not on Social Media?

founder nat rich Dec 09, 2019

My life became so much better when I came off all Social media. I slept better, woke up happier, had more time for myself, I was way more productive and had better times with friends and family without being stuck to my phone like an addict. 

As many of you know, mental health is linked quite heavily to the overuse of social media. I strongly feel that if this company ‘I AM SOUND’ is going to help you break free from bad habits and find a better level of peace in your life the last place we should be trying to reach you is on the very platform that causes you the most harm. 

Instead of no social media, why not just use it responsibly? 

I understand very well that most of our potential customers are, in fact, hanging out on social media and it would be easy to reach them there, but I truly believe that if I am building something people need that is unlike anything else available then the energy of that company along with my intention is strong enough to bring the audience in. I am willing to take the risk of starting slow and to build the company with authenticity at the forefront. I know our content works as the very same information, tips and tricks are how I have freed myself from the inner turmoil and confusion I was living in. I am here to share that same content with you. 

The proof is in the pudding

So without sounding too bold or overconfident, I am certain that others will see the value in what we create and feel the difference in their own lives enough to maintain their subscription to grow even further into who they truly are. 

Putting the hard work in, being a little more creative, thinking outside the box, finding new ways to expand and trusting in the process of what unfolds is the very basis of a successful life, so why not do it this way? 

I trust in both my own logic and my own magic to build this company in such a way that I can lead it with integrity and that it does what it’s designed to do. With a solid team behind me, I accept the challenge we face with excitement and trust it will be all it’s meant to be. 

Build it and they shall come, so I did. Let's see how true this really is.

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