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University of Truth

This University is a source of truth for all of humanity The goal is for you to have trust in the information contained within the University and in the lessons that can be learned through interaction with and presence at the University. The University can be a place to visit and delve into the wealth of resources available for research and a place to interact with others in online learning environments that facilitate learning, understanding and positive action through practical application and interactive sessions.

We have learned that the history taught in schools and the version of reality presented by the media is mainly corrupted with agendas designed to take us away from the path to truth. We need a cohesive, reliable, up to date central place that is accessible to all and has credibility to help anyone understand that there is another perspective on the world we live in that is not portrayed through the general forums that people utilize on a day to day basis. The University can be built up with clear overarching principle of covering the key aspects of the world that need to be addressed, updated and improved. These can be grouped under main headings (faculties) such as:

· Natural Law

· Health and Self-Healing

· Self-Awareness and Self Discovery

· Creativity and Entrepreneurial Endeavour

· Intuition and Manifestation

· Finance and Real Wealth

· Co-operative Business

· Biodynamic Farming and Sustainability

· Science & Technology

· Off planet species

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