Gerald Blomeyer

Meditation Teacher & Storyteller

About Gerald

Compassion, trust and wisdom form the basis of Gerald's teaching of meditation, coaching and story-telling. He is based in Berlin. Born in London, he lived and worked in Germany, India and Nepal.


From A Business To A Spiritual Orientation


Once upon a time I taught architectural history and theory at three German universities for a decade. Then I ran a successful PR agency Blomeyer & Milzkott GmbH in Berlin for even longer. I lectured extensively all over the world. In search of inner balance, I learned Zen meditation in 1989 and got into Tibetan Buddhism from 1992 onwards. From 2006 - 2014 I worked in India and Nepal for two non-governmental organizations, which included teaching meditation at the Buddhist Center in Pokhara. All the travelling, teaching and working in my PR-agency helped me to accept life as it is. I have learned to trust that everything will work out the way that is good for me.


Training The Mind


Life is like a dance. Gain and loss, praise and blame, joy and pain come and go. There is nothing to hold on to. Everything is moving, external things, relationships, and even the molecules inside the cells of our body. The place we really live is in our mind. It is always there. We decide how we want to live in our mind. Sometimes we solidify our thoughts, hoping that heavy burdens will offer us security. That allows us to experience our version of things, but not the actual moment. Our freedom depends on learning how to hold things lightly and with joy. When we open our hearts we can feel boundless love for others. Our true nature is free from hatred, greed and delusion. By welcoming the flow of life with an open mind its easy to be peaceful and friendly to our families, colleagues, neighbours and to the world.

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