A Talkward is a conversation that makes you feel uncomfortable and usually has you feeling like you wanna run away and hide until it's all over. But avoidance never works so here at I AM SOUND we have made TALKWARDS the cornerstone of our business.


And what better time to launch than in the worlds most awkward time aka The Lockdown!



Our upcoming content is focused on being truthful with all the frustrations, revelations, disasters and hilarity that comes with it. Shining a light on all the awkward parts of our lives feels uncomfortable at first, but once you feel the liberation of truth it becomes addictive. You can see your own awkwardness a mile off so you can learn to accept it and integrate it.

So grab your friends, partners, families and blankets and join us for a cosy, truly toe-curling conversation that will be more way more fun and engaging than Netflix.  


We go live at 7pm every night (GMT) 

The show is made up of a one-hour engaging panel talk usually with 3 guests willing to bare all. But on some days our Host & Founder Nat Rich has a few after show surprises up her sleeve in the form of live acoustic performances, sound healings, meditations, movement sessions and a little more magic. 

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