We decided to jump on the cancel culture train and cancel 2020, so we are choosing to start over in 2021. We're calling this new year

'The Year We Found Our Voice'.

Where we understand our true power as human beings and we use this ancient knowledge for our greater benefit, collectively, as one. 

No longer shall we be divided. 

Every day in January we're going live at 7 pm on all our platforms discussing the most awkward and embarrassing subjects out there with the aim to help people take control of their fears and shake off their troubles knowing they are not alone.

The aim of the game is to guide people through their personal development journeys so we can support one another through this process of growth.

We are using the ancient principles of sound, energy and vibration to help people understand their true potential in this crazy world.


People Change, Not Just Climate Change.


Our upcoming content is focused on being human, and all the frustrations, revelations, disasters and hilarity that comes with it. Shining a light on all the awkward parts of our lives feels uncomfortable at first, but once you see, you accept, and we're all about acceptance in this house.


So join us in a series of truly toe-curling conversations about all the beautifully bewildering parts of being human, and be a part of the movement for people change.

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